People living by rivers

People living by rivers
is crazy people
without fear of other's people's judgment,
without fear of nature's judgment.

People living by rivers
has always got something to watch
water moving,
like the ones living by the ocean,
but there, by the ocean,
the water is always the same, a lot.
On the river sometimes it's scaring
sometimes worst,
when there's none.

People living by rivers
lives in dark and moist houses,
deep down in the valley,
they are crazy people
they do not give a fuck
about other's people's judgment,
they are ready to accept
nature's judgement.

People living by rivers, goes, if they have time,
when water takes everything away,
then they come back and start again.

People living by rivers
is the first
who lived on this planet,
who populated it,
filled it.

May a water flood take them away.