Fashion follows you

One day, a bunch of famous stylist will decide that the new fashion of the season will be shit on the head.
Teams of designers, CEO, and expensive lawyers will have to strive really much.
How to produce it always the same? How to make it stick on the heads of fashion-victims?

-If we sell shit we need to remove all restrooms from our shops!
-ok boss, good idea!
-How we are going with the pilot-samples?
-you mean the crap maded by our stylist? fine boss. Only Valentino gave us samples too small.
-Fuck, that man shits less than a mummy...
-actually he's 132 years old, and he's made of plastic.
-Oh well, ask him to strive a little more, after all he's a creative.
-you are right boss! We decide that brown will be the basic color for the next season!
-Really smart! That's wy I pay you enormous amount of money!
thanks boss,

there will be three chromatic variations:
Number One: EARLY MORNING RUSH, the lightest, perfect for a brunch or a party at the swimming pool.
Number Two: AFTERNOON GLORY, the darkest, deep and strong, perfect for formal dinners and gala evenings.
Number Three: DAY OF S, the middle one, not very challenging, perfect for any situation.

So we are ready?
-Yes boss; advertising has already started. To make people more used to the shit we are making someone write a trivial and obvious book, titled "Fifty shades of brown". The story is about a girl who lives an indecent passion with the plummer when her toilet gets clogged.
-Pure art, I am stuffed with expectations!
-but... boss... don't you think that people, instead of buying our crap will start to put over their head theirs?
-Chill out,
most of the people
will pay for our shit
we just need to pack it well.